Adeena & Jesse

We are a fun loving, active and extremely close family.  Enjoying life, trying new things as well as finding the joy in the simple things life has to offer is what we try to focus on. Whether hanging out at home with our animals while cuddling on the sofa, traveling to a new destination or up on the slopes skiing, our goal is to always have fun and to spend as much time together as possible. We are blessed to have amazing family and friends who support us through thick and thin. Whether barbequing, going to the beach, or having an adventure in NYC, time is always enjoyed around the ones we love. Living in northern New Jersey gives us the best of both worlds. There are plenty of trees, parks, great schools and the quietness of the suburbs, but we are also in close proximity to the city, ski slopes, beaches, amusement parks and so much more.

About Adeena

Job Description
Practice Manager at an animal hospital

Loves walks to the park, biking, skiing, hiking, music, dancing, travel, road trips, animal rescue and anything to do with animals. 

Family Fun Fact
Something our family loves to do is listen to Coldplay, the Lion Guard music or any other fun music and dance around the entire house together. The animals join in and it becomes an all-around dance party, as we like to call it. Jagger has already been to three cold play concerts and River was at his very first at only eight months old. It may sound funny to some, but it is an absolutely enlightening and bonding experience for all four of us. The last concert we went to we were only twenty rows from the stage, and it was an incredible experience particularly because Coldplay music has always played such a huge part in our lives; both our struggles and triumphs.

About Jesse

Job Description
Construction/fiber optics technician

Loves skateboarding with the dogs, going to the park with the family, skiing, hiking, fishing, sports, a huge music buff, dancing, travelling and road trips.

About Jagger

About Jagger
Jagger loves just about anything and everything he can get his hands on, whether its bike riding, walking the dogs, playing at the park, skateboarding, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming at the pool, digging in the sand, building blocks, playing cars, reading books, coloring, and discovering new things every day

About River

About River
River loves to try new things and has the patience to sit and learn something he doesn’t know. Athleticism and activity is something that comes natural to River. He already rides a two wheeler, swims on his own and manages to do things his seven year old brother does.

Our Life

We have been married for 19 years, together 26. Being through the ups and the downs that life has to offer, each event, whether good or bad, brings us closer together. Adopting our children has by far been the most amazing and life altering thing that we have ever done. Both before and since our family unit includes our pets, and spending time all together doing the things we love is our very favorite thing to do. Nightly family cuddles and Storytime is a permanent fixture in our schedule. Our schedules offer flexibility and a lot of time off which allows us to do the things we love, whether it’s a trip to Disney, a hike in the state park, a swim at the beach with the dogs, or working in the yard together, we truly value the time we have together as a family.  One of our very favorite times was our almost two week trip together to Puerto Rico, one of our very favorite places.

Our Family

Our family consists of many people; the four of us, our extended family and many friends who we consider family. The two priorities in our life are Jagger and River. Life revolves around them, their happiness and making sure we provide them with everything life has to offer in experience and knowledge. Everyone in our family, including our friends, hold certain values to the core, such as being there for each other, standing up for the rights of all children and animals, as well as enjoying the wonders that this world has to offer. Our children are truly the light of our lives. Jagger is outgoing, inquisitive, bright, enthusiastic, so sweet and full of energy. River is Jagger’s biggest supporter. He is sweet to the core, a natural animal lover and ready to try anything his big brother can do. They are truly best of friends. Being a part of the adoption community and families of all diversities is extremely important to us. 

Final Thoughts

“We don’t want you to feel like you have to meet standards or guidelines with us as we understand there will be times you may need your space and other times you may feel the need to connect. This is a lifelong journey that we are about to embark on and we understand the need for patience, support and understanding. More than anything we are excited to expand our family and to continue to journey through life together.”

– Adeena & Jesse

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