Blair & Daniel

Hi – We are Blair, Daniel, and we have an almost three-year-old son Asher, who came to us through adoption. Blair and Daniel moved to New York City in 2006 for college, where we met, became close friends, and in April 2011 we were married. We have a strong partnership and desire to continually grow together and model a loving, respectful relationship for our children. We have called NYC home for 15 years and we love our neighborhood and community we have built here in that time. Asher joined our family in 2018 and being his parents is a joy and it’s been fun to see what an incredible little kid he is becoming.

We enjoy spending time as a family – going to the park, spending time with friends, exploring new places, being outdoors, traveling, and sitting on our stoop hanging out with neighbors. We are honored to welcome another child into our home through adoption and excited about the role we will all play in each other’s lives.

About Blair

Development Officer at NYC nonprofit

exploring new neighborhoods in and around NYC, running, traveling, listening to podcasts, spending time in our neighborhood and hanging out with friends

Fun Fact
I love design shows, and secretly want to be an interior designer.

About Daniel

Job Description
Web Developer

comic books, movies, camping, building computers

Fun Fact
I taught myself to crochet, but still have to finish the giant blanket I started

About Asher

Job Description

playing with trains, cars, and his friends, enjoying music, soccer & scootering

Fun Fact
I learned to play soccer during the pandemic in our hallway!

Our Lives

During the week Asher attends a daycare in our neighborhood and each morning he is excited to go and see his friends and teachers. We each take turns picking him up and dropping him off. On our walk home we always run in to friends and neighbors who we stop and chat with – our neighborhood feels like a small town sometimes! In the evening when Asher gets home from school we spend time as a family, playing, going on a walk, reading books, and eating dinner together. On the weekends we enjoy being outside whether that is at the park, or beach during the summer, exploring a new part of the city, or taking a trip up the Hudson Valley. While we love being adventurous and experiencing new things, we also value home and being present in our neighborhood community. We also enjoy spending time with friends – cooking dinner, having picnics in the park, or celebrating birthdays or milestones in together.

Our Family

We are both close to our families even though they live outside of New York City. Blair has a younger brother and Daniel has four brothers – so we have many brothers and sisters-in-laws, nieces, and nephews across the country! We take regular trips to visit out families and FaceTime often with our parents. Since we don’t have family locally, we have built a strong community of friends here in the city, many of whom we have known for 10+ years. They are like family to us and are our support system and a big part of lives on a weekly basis.

Final Thoughts

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our family. We know you want what is best your child and we commit to providing a loving, safe home where your child can flourish and thrive. It takes and enormous amount of strength to put another person before yourself and we commit to raising this child with a deep understanding of how much they are loved by you. We hope that we have an opportunity to learn more about you and welcome you into our family. – Blair, Daniel & Asher

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