Jean-René & Matthew

Hi, we’re Jean-René and Matt, and we cannot wait to become parents! Jean-René moved to the US from France 13 years ago and Matt grew up outside of Boston. We met in New York City in 2012. Our eyes met from across the room during a night out with separate groups of friends, and there was no turning back. In 2014 we adopted our pride and joy, our rescue dog Louis (the French pronunciation!) and in 2016 we formalized our family at our wedding, bringing Matt and Jean-René’s families and friends together for a celebration in France’s Loire Valley.

We discussed both wanting children on our first date, and we’ve never lost sight of our desire for a family. We will have a bilingual house, incorporating the language and traditions of both France and America.

Last year, we bought a home in a great New Jersey suburb with an excellent school system on a block filled with families and friends to ensure we were ready to bring a child into our lives. We’ve spent the past year settling in, building a support network, making our house a home, and we’re now ready to grow our family.

About Jean-René

Job Description
Ballroom Dance Studio Manager

Dance, Design, Architecture, Traveling, Theatre, and History

Fun Fact
In my job, I get to teach ballroom dance to a diverse cast of characters from all over New York, including the first dance for a recent high-profile celebrity wedding.

About Matthew

Job Description
Vice President at a Public Relations Firm

Singing, Cooking, Traveling, the Theatre

Fun Fact
I’ve been an active member of the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus for 12 years, hosting an annual fundraising summer garden party for the organization for the past 8 years.

Our Lives

We love to explore our town, particularly in summer with a huge park a block and a half away, including a rose garden, running paths, a playground, baseball diamonds, and a dog park (Louis’ favorite). Any time of year, we have great restaurants, shops, community arts and sports programs, and a weekly farmers market at our fingertips as well as a neighborhood bookstore a few blocks away that offers programming for kids on a regular basis. On weekends you can find us either in New York City seeing a show or dining out with friends or staying home to curl up by the fire in winter or trying to keep our backyard garden alive in the summer.

Our Family

We both come from loving families who value quality time together. Though Antonis’ family is in Cyprus they are in regular contact and visit at

Matt’s parents live in a suburb of Boston, and we typically go visit or have them to our house once every other month, although this will surely increase dramatically with their first grandchild. In the Boston area, Matt also has aunts and uncles as well as his cousin Michael, Michael’s wife Sarah, and their son Daniel, who just turned three. Daniel’s excited to have another little cousin to play with soon!

Jean-René’s family is in France. We typically visit once a year and some of his family comes to visit us as well. His immediate family consists of his grandmother, his father, and his three siblings, one older brother, one younger brother, and a younger sister. Jean-René’s older brother and his wife had our first nephew, Camille, two and a half years ago, and we’re excited for more little cousins for our child as their family continues to grow.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for considering us for this incredible gift that we have wanted for so long. We want you to know that this child will grow up in a house of unconditional love, where his or her needs will always come before our own, and we will give him or her every opportunity we possibly can.”

– Jean-René and Matthew

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