Noah & Rena

Hi! We are Noah and Rena, and this is our daughter Livya. We are a loving family of 3 (with a large extended family!) and we live in Manhattan. We met at camp as children and started dating after college. We got married in 2010 and Livya joined our family in 2015. We have a loving home, where we love to sing, listen to broadway show soundtracks, have pre bedtime dance parties, read books, and enjoy each other’s company. We LOVE living in NYC, and enjoying all the parks, playgrounds, and views of the Hudson. We are so lucky to have Livya’s Grammy and Papa (Rena’s parents) and her Savta (Noah’s Mom) close by in New Jersey. We love to go to their houses on the weekends, spend quality time with them and enjoy the best parts of the suburbs. Livya has cousins just a short drive from the city, and loves to play with them in their backyards, climbing, running, and riding scooters, and bikes around their neighborhoods. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption, it is something we have always wanted to do.

About Noah

Job Description
Account Manager for retail marketing firm

Playing games with Rena and Livya, playing golf, watching college football, seeing broadway shows

Fun Fact
I am a fan of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers – Go big red!

About Rena

Job Description
Special Education Consultant

Reading, listening to music, learning through podcasts, playing games, seeing live theater

Fun Fact
I am a trained singer and used to sing the national anthem at my college’s basketball games

About Livya

Job Description
Aspiring big sister

Riding her scooter around the neighborhood, pretend play with dolls, baby cribs, and strollers, and snuggling with her parents!

Fun Fact
Livya is a princess, a superhero, and yogi all rolled into one amazing girl!

Our Life

Our daily lives and happy and full. Livya loves going to school and we work at offices in and outside of the city. One of us picks Livya up when school is over, and we spend the afternoon at home, at the park, or in our backyard. In the evenings, we are all home to spend time as a family before Livya’s bedtime where we sing a song, read a book, and give lots hugs and kisses. Weekends are family time and are spent observing the Sabbath, which we do by having dinner with friends or family, attending services at our synagogue, and having playdates. We love to see our extended family on the weekends and sometimes take trips to visit friends in other cities, and to escape the cold in the winter. While we love playing in the snow, we love the beach even more! In the summer we take family trips to the Jersey shore.

Our Family

Our nuclear family is small, with Rena, Noah, and our 5 year old daughter named Livya. She is a sweet, funny,  and cautious child. She is thriving in school and shares our love of the weekends. Livya has many cousins andfriends and she loves to be social, but also enjoy what she calls a “home day” where we hang out at home, just the three of us, watching movies, reading books, playing school, and doctor (her favorite!) We have awesome parks in our neighborhood and like to take adventures to museums and parks in other parts of the city too.

Final Thoughts

“We deeply respect your decision to consider placing your child for adoption. We thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and we hope we get the chance to learn more about you too. We are a loving family, with more love to give. Our future child has grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a very excited and caring big sister waiting for their arrival – there is a lot of love here and we will feel blessed to bring a new baby into our family.”

-Noah & Rena

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