Rick & Rob

We are a loving, happy, active family of three who want to add another child to our lives.  Rick and Rob met 18 years ago the old-fashioned way: in a bar.  A couple years later, we moved in together, and then after New York passed marriage equality, we got married.  The wedding was an emotional ceremony, followed by a big party with lots of family and friends from all stages of our lives.  Soon after that, we decided to have kids, and we adopted Celia when she was just a few weeks old.  Being parents has enriched our lives more than we ever could imagine, and now we want her and another child to grow up together in our family.  We live near a big park in New York City, in a neighborhood full of restaurants, schools, playgrounds, and people with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We visit family often and speak Spanish with Rick’s cousins/aunts/uncles (we are committed to raising our second child bilingual like Celia).  We love to meet up with friends at our place or somewhere else fun, like Central Park or the zoo.

About Rick

Fashion/Clothing Manager

pop culture/music, tennis, board games, travel (especially beaches and Europe)

Fun Fact
I love 80s music (especially Erasure) and never turn down popcorn.

About Rob

Job Description
Environmental Biology Professor

hiking, reading, travel (especially mountains and beaches)

Fun Fact
I lived in Colombia for a year after college and later hiked halfway across Spain

About Celia

Job Description

books, playgrounds, climbing, dancing

Fun Fact
I an amazing climber at the playground and memorize books that my dads read to me.

Our Lives

We have a stable, active home life in New York City, in a neighborhood with people of all ages and races.

Outside work, our lives center on kid stuff.  We love eating together, reading books, taking walks, biking, and going to the playground. We enjoy having friends and family over for meals and special occasions.  When Celia has a babysitter, Rob and Rick like to have dinner out, go to art museums, or to a play or musical.

We also love to travel, for weekend trips to nearby mountains or beaches as well as vacations farther away.  Before becoming parents, we went to Europe and Latin America – and we are excited to do that with the kids later.  With Celia, we visit family several times a year.  For work, Rob goes to national parks in Latin America.  Several years ago, we lived in Spain, one of our favorite places.

Our Family

We are close with our families and visit them frequently.  Rick’s mother passed away recently, and all three of us miss her but know that she is happy for us.  His sister “Tía Rosie” is an especially important person for Celia, and we see her many times a year.  Except for during COVID, we have gone to Kansas several times a year to visit Rob’s family, and Celia knows her grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins well.  Many years ago, Rick and Rob shared an unforgettable trip to Peru, visiting tíos, tías, and primos in the mountain town where Rick’s parents grew up.  Much of his extended family lives in the U.S. now, and we cherish the times we get to see them.  A lot of close friends also visit us, from earlier parts of our lives and from when we lived in Spain a few years ago.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  We will do everything we can to provide your child with all the opportunities to be happy and healthy.  We will teach them the value of family, integrity, education, and hard work.  Most of all, we want you to know that they will always be loved, cared for, and supported in their journey through life.

-Rick & Rob

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at helpline@spence-chapin.org.