Scott & Ann

About Us

Hi!  We are Ann and Scott, and this is our beautiful daughter, Abby. We got married in 2014 and live in Long Beach, NY. We adopted Abby in March 2017 and our life changed for the better.  Our dog Woofie joined our family in 2019 and Abby became a big sister. We have fun together and the three of us often play tag with Woofie outside in the backyard. We love going on vacations together to explore different cultures and food. We have a large extended family who we are very close with and we see often for holidays, BBQs, birthdays or just family gatherings.

About Scott


Playing the guitar, swimming, cooking and maintaining a garden

Fun Fact
Scott owns 7 guitars and always wanted to be a rock star

About Ann


Dancing, being on the beach, walking on the boardwalk and playing music

Fun Fact
Ann ran several half marathons and finished a half marathon after injuring her Achilles

About Abby

Fun loving toddler and future big sister

Dancing, swimming, cooking, playing on the beach

Fun Fact
Abby loves to play the guitar and piano

Our Lives

We start every morning with a big breakfast (usually pancakes and a smoothie) made by Scott and Abby. After school, Abby attends her Taekwondo class where she started breaking wood boards (Hurray!). Living in Long Beach is great, we spend a lot of time on the boardwalk and the beach all year round. We go for an early morning swim in the Summer, build sandcastles and fly kites. At home, we have dance parties and sing the songs to our favorite movies (Trolls, Frozen and Sing). We love to travel and look forward to visiting Disney next year for Abby’s 5th birthday.

Our Family

Abby loves to have fun, she is constantly joking around and playing with her dog Woofie (Abby tells everyone she is Woofie’s big sister). The three of us love to cook and bake and believe that eating meals together as a family is important. We are fortunate to have a very close family circle. We spend all holidays together from a traditional Easter egg hunt, to a very long table with a big Thanksgiving meal, to the Christmas eve celebration held at Grandmother’s house. All of Abby’s cousins love to play together and even support each other with phone calls or through facetime. We visit with family often, BBQs, birthdays and family celebrations. We come together with food, fun and lots of love.

Closing Thoughts

We understand that this is a difficult decision and please know that we only want the best for you and the baby. We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about our family and hope that we get a chance to learn more about you. We were very fortunate to grow our family through adoption with our daughter and hope we can do it again as we have so much love to offer.
– Scott & Ann

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